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thumbnail imageAcer grandidentatum 'Manzano' (Bigtooth Maple; Canyon Maple)

Family: Soapberry Family Habit: tree Nativity: Manzano Mountains, New Mexico Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 Light: sun

thumbnail imageAchillea millefolium (Yarrow; Milfoil; Common Yarrow)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: white|pink Nativity: Europe, Asia, North America Hardiness: USDA Zone 2 Light: sun

thumbnail imageAchnatherum hymenoides (Indian Ricegrass)

Family: Grass Family Habit: grass/sedge Nativity: W Canada, W & C United States Hardiness: USDA Zone 3 Soil: Well-drained soil Light: sun

thumbnail imageAgastache aurantiaca 'P012S' CORONADO® (Hyssop; Hummingbird Mint)

Family: Mint Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: orange Nativity: Cultivated Hardiness: USDA Zone 4B Soil: Garden loam; moderate water to dry Light: sun, partial shade

thumbnail imageAgastache pallidiflora (Giant Hyssop; Bill Williams Mountain Giant Hyssop)

Family: Mint Family Habit: sub-shrub; herbaceous Flowers: purple Nativity: N. America (Az, Nm, Co, Tx) Hardiness: USDA Zone 8

thumbnail imageAgastache rupestris (Sunset Hyssop; Threadleaf Giant Hyssop)

Family: Mint Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: orange Nativity: SW United States (New Mexico, Arizona) Hardiness: USDA Zone 5 Soil: Well-drained soils Light: sun, partial shade

 Agave ovatifolia (Whale's Tongue Agave)

Family: Asparagus Family Habit: cactus/succulent Flowers: yellow Nativity: Mexico (Nuevo Leon) Hardiness: USDA Zone 7 Light: sun, partial sun

 Agave parryi ssp. parryi 'Estrella' (Parry's Agave)

Family: Asparagus Family Habit: cactus/succulent Flowers: yellow|red Nativity: Cultivated Hardiness: USDA Zone 8A Light: sun

thumbnail imageAgeratina altissima 'Chocolate' (Joe Pye Weed)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: white Nativity: Cultivated Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 Light: partial sun, partial shade

thumbnail imageon mapAllium aflatunense 'Purple Sensation' (Flowering Onion)

Family: Amaryllis Family Habit: geophyte Flowers: purple Nativity: Cultivated Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 Light: sun, partial sun

 Allium 'Caméléon' (Ornamental Onion)

Family: Amaryllis Family Habit: geophyte; herbaceous Flowers: white|red|pink Nativity: Cultivated

thumbnail imageAllium cernuum (Wild Onion; Nodding Onion; Lady's Leek)

Family: Amaryllis Family Habit: geophyte; herbaceous Flowers: pink Nativity: North America (Canada to Mexico) Hardiness: USDA Zone 6 Light: sun

thumbnail imageAllium moly 'Jeannine' (Lily Leek)

Family: Amaryllis Family Habit: geophyte Flowers: yellow Nativity: Cultivated Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 Light: sun, partial sun

 Allium nigrum

Family: Amaryllis Family Habit: geophyte; herbaceous Flowers: cream|white Nativity: E. Mediterranean

thumbnail imageAllium stellatum (Prairie Onion)

Family: Amaryllis Family Habit: geophyte Nativity: N. America Hardiness: USDA Zone 6

thumbnail imageAmorpha canescens (Lead Plant)

Family: Bean Family Habit: shrub Flowers: purple Nativity: W Canada, W & C United States, including Colorado Hardiness: USDA Zone 2 Soil: average, dry to medium moisture, well-drained Light: sun

thumbnail imageAmsonia jonesii (Jones' Bluestar; Colorado Desert Blue Star)

Family: Dogbane Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: blue Nativity: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 Light: sun

thumbnail imageAmsonia tharpii (Feltleaf Bluestar)

Family: Dogbane Family Habit: herbaceous; sub-shrub Flowers: white Nativity: Texas, New Mexico

thumbnail imageAnaphalis margaritacea (Pearly Everlasting)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous; rhizome Flowers: white|yellow Nativity: North America, NE Asia Hardiness: USDA Zone 3 Light: sun, partial shade

thumbnail imageAnaphalis margaritacea 'Neuschnee' New Snow (Pearly Everlasting)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: white Nativity: Cultivated Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 Light: sun

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