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Did you know we have active beehives at both the York Street and Chatfield locations? You can observe the busy honeybees first hand when you visit the Gardens; look up and towards the Conservatory when you are standing i... more→

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Butterfly House at Chatfield Farms

The Butterfly House is home to over 300 native Colorado butterflies that live in this colorful garden during the summer months. This exhibit is a partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion. The Butterfly Pavilion's staff an... more→

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Chatfield Farms Historic Iris Collection

The historic Iris collection at Chatfield Farms contains over 400 different varieties of iris with the oldest variety dating back to 1597. The first blooms emerge in late May and explode in a rainbow of colors through th... more→

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Chatfield Farms Kim Sterne Survival Garden

Created in the memory of Kim Sterne, an herbalist from the Boulder area, this garden contains native and naturalized plants that have been used as foods, medicines and/or textiles. He regarded plants as a source of life,... more→

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Earl J. Sinnamon Visitor Center Garden at Chatfield Farms

The Earl J. Sinnamon Visitor’s Center prairie gardens contain plants native to the continental United States. Almost completely in full sun, dotted with only a few pockets of shade, this garden is broken into four sect... more→

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