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Discover the over 40 outdoor gardens at Denver Botanic Gardens either in person or from the comfort of home. Every day brings new blooms, fruit and vistas on the 20+ acres.

The listed plants are ones selected for their flowers, fruit or leaf colors, or texture in mid to late summer. August brings us to the height of summer for many plants in our displays: Waterlilies, annuals and dahlias are at their peak of bloom, ornamental grasses begin blooming, and you may even detect hints of fall color on trees or shrubs as we near month's end. The fruit on many of the trees and shrubs are ripe now as well and you may witness squirrels or mice storing food before winter visits.

Tour updated September 10, 2021.

Rudbeckia triloba (Brown-Eyed Susan)

yellow daisy flowers with dark center

thumbnail image

Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks' (Goldenrod)

Bright yellow flower spikes

thumbnail image

Sedum spectabile 'Indian Chief' (Showy Sedum)

Clusters of bright pink flowers

thumbnail image

Epilobium canum ssp. garrettii 'PWWG01S' ORANGE CARPET® (California Fuchsia)

orange tubular flowers

thumbnail image

Agastache Desert Sunrise™ (Hummingbird Mint)

bright coral pink flowers are attractive to hummingbirds

thumbnail image

Hesperaloe 'Perfu' Pink Parade® (Red Yucca)

pink tubular flowers

thumbnail image

Patrinia scabiosifolia (Golden Lace)

bright yellow flowers on tall stems

thumbnail image

Beehive (Garden Features)

Look up at the wall near the Conservatory to see the beehives. Can you see honeybees flying in and out?

thumbnail image

Chilopsis linearis (Desert Willow)

bright pink flowers with last years fruits remaining

thumbnail image

Caesalpinia gilliesii (Bird of Paradise)

yellow flowers with bright magenta stamens

thumbnail image

Anemone tomentosa 'Robustissima' (Grape Leaf Anemone)

A sure sign that fall is coming, tall flowers stalks display blush pink flowers that dance in the wind.

thumbnail image

Leonotis 'Savannah Sunset' (Lion's Ear)

Orange rounded clusters blooming up the stalk

thumbnail image

Phlox paniculata 'Ditomfav' Candy Store Cotton Candy™ (Summer Phlox)

light pink flowers with a brighter pink "eye"; this is one of many different varieties of phlox you can see in this area

thumbnail image

Colchicum 'Lilac Wonder' (Autumn Crocus)

A fall blooming crocus relative with lilac flowers

thumbnail image

Sedum 'Dark Magic' (Dwarf Stonecrop)

bright pink flowers in rounded clusters; foliage dark reddish brown

thumbnail image

Bill Hosokawa Bonsai Pavilion (Garden Features)

Bonsai are on display througjh mid fall

thumbnail image

Water Gardens (Garden Features)audio

hundreds of tropical and hardy waterlilies at peak bloom throughout the summer

thumbnail image

Seseli gummiferum (Moon Carrot)

multiple white rounded flower heads form large clusters atop silver foliage

thumbnail image

Engelmannia peristenia (Engelmann Daisy)

bright yellow daisylike flowes on a plant with lacy leaves

thumbnail image

Berberis fremontii (Fremont's Mahonia)

large shrub with red fruit ripening - careful! the leaves are quite sharp.

thumbnail image

Laura Smith Porter Plains Garden (Garden Features)

The Plains Garden in late summer and fall is full of color and texture.Stop here to see many native grasses and perennials flowering. Early season snow and rain have created a lush native landscape.

thumbnail image

Paeonia mlokosewitschii (Mlokosewitch's Peony)

fruit is maturing on these peonies - look for the bright red fruit interior which has dark blue-black seeds attached

thumbnail image

Campanula incurva (Bellflower)

large white bell shaped flowers

thumbnail image

Dracunculus vulgaris (Dragon Arum)

Bright orange fruit on a tall stalk

thumbnail image

Muhlenbergia reverchonii 'PUND01S' UNDAUNTED® (Ruby Muhly)

Billowing pink inflorescences on a fine textured grass

thumbnail image

Gentiana septemfida (Crested Gentian)

Bright blue star shaped flowers

thumbnail image

Salvia azurea 'Nekan' (Pitcher Sage)

Bluish purple flowers spikes

thumbnail image

Annuals Garden and Pavilion (Garden Features)

The annuals garden is at it's peak color

thumbnail image

Hibiscus syriacus 'Red Heart' (Rose Mallow)

Stunning large white blooms with a maroon center

thumbnail image

Fountain Beds (Garden Features)

Several dahlias blooming in a cottage garden

thumbnail image

Victoria 'Longwood Hybrid' (Victoria Lily)

large water platters will be flowering soon - look for flowers in evening or early morning

thumbnail image

Rosa 'Wekscemala' Chihuly (Rose)

Birgt orange and yellow fall bloomer. Many roses are reblooming in fall this year without extensive Japanese beetle damage

thumbnail image

Rosa 'KORfloci08' BRILLIANT™ VERANDA® (Rose)

bright coral-red rose flowers

thumbnail image

Chionanthus virginicus (White Fringe Tree)

Medium size shrub with several blue berries

thumbnail image
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