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Crocus cartwrightianus
Autumn Crocus; Cartwright Crocus; Wild Saffron Crocus





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Crocus - Saffron yellow
cartwrightianus - for J. Cartwright, who, as British Consul in Constantinople, discovered Crocus cartwrightianus
FAMILY Iridaceae (Iris Family)  Other Plants in the Iris Family
HABIT Geophyte
GROWTH FORM Clump-forming
RANGE Greece
LEAF TYPE Deciduous
FLOWERS In September - November, Blue;purple
HARDINESS USDA Zone 4 (Coldest zone where hardy)
SUN REQUIREMENTS Sun | Partial sun | Shade | Partial shade
COMMON NAME(S) Autumn Crocus | Cartwright Crocus | Wild Saffron Crocus
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Individual Location for Crocus cartwrightianus:
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Year Location
132094*1 2013 Japanese Garden
173767*1 2017 Rock Alpine Garden
173757*1 2017 Rock Alpine Garden
173756*1 2017 Rock Alpine Garden


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