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Asarum maximum
Panda Face Ginger; Green Panda





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Asarum - Hazelwort or wild nard; a plant described by Dioscorides & Pliny, and taken by Linnaeus as the genus name for Asarum
maximum - largest
FAMILY Aristolochiaceae (Birthwort Family)  Other Plants in the Birthwort Family
HABIT Herbaceous
GROWTH FORM Clump-forming
RANGE China (Hubei, Sichuan)
FLOWERS Black; white
HARDINESS USDA Zone 7B (Coldest zone where hardy)
SUN REQUIREMENTS Partial shade | Shade
FAMILY ARISTOLOCHIACEAE  Other Plants in the Birthwort Family
COMMON NAME(S) Panda Face Ginger | Green Panda
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Individual Location for Asarum maximum:
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Year Location
080676*1 2008 Birds & Bees Walk


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Asarum maximum
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Asarum maximum
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