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Muhlenbergia reverchonii
Seep Muhly; Autumn Embers Muhly Grass





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FAMILY Poaceae (Grass Family)  Other Plants in the Grass Family
HABIT Grass/sedge
RANGE SW United States (Texas, Oklahoma)
FLOWERS Red (Reddish-pink seed head)
LANDSCAPE USES Blooming in early fall, Autumn Embers Muhly is a garden standout with its very showy, finely textured bright reddish-pink seed heads. In winter the grass and seed spikes turn a lovely tawny brown. A medium sized grass with thin, sometimes curling, mid-green foliage. 24-36" tall x 18-24" wide
BOTANICAL DESCRIPTION Tufted perennial; culms 35-80 cm. long, about 1 mm thick, erct, unbranched; ligule a firm scale 3-7 mm. long, lacerate with age, not auricled; blades 7-35 cm. long, 1-2 mm. broad when flat but soon panicles 2-3 dm. long, oblong to subpyramidal, very open and diffuse, the branches numerous and spreading; glumes 1-2.5mm. (rarely to 3 mm.) long, lanceolate, usually acute; lemma 3.5-5 mm. long, linear-lanceolate, apically rarely minutely bifid, with an awn 0.5-7 mm. long palea as long as lemma, occasionally minutely bifid. Grassy limestone slopes, e. Edwards Plateau and n. cen. Texasl, frequent often abundant, summer-fall; also Oklahoma.
HARDINESS USDA Zone 5 (Coldest zone where hardy)
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Individual Location for Muhlenbergia reverchonii:
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Year Location
032365*1 2003 Dryland Mesa
162298*1 2016 Water Smart Garden


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