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Astilbe chinensis
Chinese Astilbe; False Spirea; False Goat'sbeard





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Astilbe - From the Greek a- (without) and stilbos (glittering), referring to the dullness of the leaves
chinensis - from China, Chinese
FAMILY Saxifragaceae (Saxifrage Family)  Other Plants in the Saxifrage Family
HABIT Herbaceous
GROWTH FORM Clump-forming
RANGE China, Japan, Korea, Russian Federation
LEAF TYPE Deciduous
FLOWERS Purple (Lilac)
HARDINESS USDA Zone 4 (Coldest zone where hardy)
SOIL Moist, organic, fertile
SUN REQUIREMENTS Partial shade | Shade
COMMON NAME(S) Chinese Astilbe | False Spirea | False Goat'sbeard
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Individual Location for Astilbe chinensis:
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Year Location
120418*1 2012 Woodland Mosaic
120418*3 2012 Parking Garage
120418*4 2012 Woodland Mosaic
151570*1 2015 Morrison Center


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