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The Water-Smart Garden, created in cooperation with Denver Water, emphasizes drought tolerant planting. This lovely garden has relatively low water and maintenance needs compared to a conventional ornamental border. In most years, this garden only receives supplemental water approximately seven times through the course of the summer.

The Water-Smart Garden was established in 1995 according to a design by Lauren Springer Ogden. The garden showcases xeric plants of local origin as well as those of similar arid climates worldwide. Plants are grouped by similar watering requirements with thirstier plants placed at the lower portion of sloped areas. The garden provides year-round appeal by emphasizing the form and texture of many evergreen plants. Cacti and yucca interplay with sea kale (Crambe maritima) and Penstemon. Pine trees are grounded by sweeps of poppies and Gazania. The garden is at its flowering peak in spring and early summer. Interesting forms, foliage and seed heads prolong its visual appeal long into the winter.

For a list of plants in the Water-Smart Garden, click here.

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